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In March 2007, Max Hardberger's story was told in a front page feature article in the Los Angeles TimesClick here for a copy of the article.  The response to that article and subsequent media appearances had been overwhelming. Below is some feedback from Max's fans.

The Most Interesting Person in the Word is ... Max Hardberger
"If you have a few minutes, just poke around that guy's website. Among other things, he's a dang pirate! In real life!" —

The King of All Repo Men
"Today’s L.A. Times piece on F. Max Hardberger is the most fascinating, ass kicking, vessel thieving, witch doctor bribing profile you’re ever likely to read. If you happen to see this guy in a bar in New Orleans, buy him a beer. And throw in a shot on me — I’ll pay you back. I thought my Bar Mitzvah was the day I became a man, but I realize now that simply turning 13 and mauling holy writ in a pubescent alto is a woefully insufficient criteria for manhood. I either need to immediately pay off a voodoo witch doctor to help me steal a 700 foot vessel from a Caribbean nation in the midst of revolutionary political turmoil, or I have to give all my Bar Mitzvah money back and relinquish control to Hollywood, the international banking system and my beloved media until I do. It’s come to that. I mean, even the guy’s name rocks — F. Max Hardberger. If you could somehow combine Rocky, MacGyver, James Brown, Quato and Ron Jeremy into one man that is what I would call him. I’m also going to start calling myself F. Matt Fleischer. Powerful no?" —

My Kind of Pirate 
"My home town is in sore need of a reckonin'. I think I've found the sort of man who could do it. He understands third-world corrupt practices, knows when to bribe an official, can get local law enforcement to cooperate, convince witch-doctors to cast spells when needed, and can steal cargo ships at midnight and steer them past government officials. And his name. Good Lord, his name! Wonder what the "F" stands for? I want him to become the mayor and chief of police in my town, and possibly father my next child." —

The Manliest Man That Ever Wuz
"This has to be the greatest Bruce Willis movie never made. Now that is one incredible character. A movie needs to be done!" —

This Repo Man Drives Off With Ocean Freighters
"This is quite possibly the coolest story I have read in a long time. ... Right up there with Paul "Red" Adair as far as legends go." —

The Old Man & the Sieze: This Repo Man Drives Off With Ocean Freighters
"Amazing story ... I bet when the movie comes out Jack Bauer plays Hardberger." —

Master of Freighter Abstraction?
“'He taught history and English at parochial schools in Louisiana and Mississippi after graduating from the University of New Orleans and earning a master’s degree from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. … And people say you can’t find a job with an MFA! I wonder if every time he returns a ship to where it belongs, a group of other captains is waiting on the dock to workshop his repo and tell him how they would have done it?" —

Shipping Repo Man: Capt Jack Meets Capt Max
"Capt Jack Sparrow has nothing on Captain Hardberger. The Black Pearl would have been freed in no time. And what kind of movie would that make?" —

Click here for a more comments by fans of Max Hardberger ...

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