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Max's smart, vibrant and no-nonsense personality is unbeatable hero material. His astute observations of people, settings and cultures will be a fantastic resource for developing his story into a feature film (if not multiple films!) ...
Hollywood Producer
We have long had an interest in making a movie based in the Caribbean, which offers a unique melting pot of murky jurisdictions, diverse characters and corruption. We think that Max's story provides a perfect vehicle into this world ...
Hollywood Producer 
Your ingenious and captivating use of local customs and superstitions, your use of timing to coincide with national holidays, your cunning preparations, and your resourceful employment of every trick, tool and tactic at your disposal it makes for great storytelling of the highest possible order.
Studio Executive

Max Hardberger's story was told in a front page feature article in the Los Angeles Times. Click here to view a copy of the article.  The response to that article was overwhelming. On the day it was published, Max's phone started to ring off the hook with calls from Hollywood producers, talent agents and the media. It seemed as though everyone wanted Max's story.

Max soon did a whirlwind tour of Hollywood, where in just five days he met with seven talent agencies (including four of the top five), thirteen feature film producers, four reality show producers, a best-selling author, two screenwriters, and even a Norwegian newspaper reporter. Click here to view the article (in Norwegian, of course). One producer brought Max onto the set of an $80 million production, where he observed the shooting of a machine gun sequence with one of Hollywood's top actors. Another producer entertained Max at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. There were plenty of visits to studios and glitzy producer offices. At the end of the trip, Max selected one of Hollywood's top talent agencies to represent his interests. Max's agents scheduled another set of meetings a few weeks later with even more producers to discuss developing Max's story into a feature film. Max is currently evaluating his options. 

To help evaluate and develop his opportunities, Max formed a production company, Spearpoint Films, LLC. Click here to view the company's website.

Book for Random House
One of Max's most exciting projects is a book deal that he signed with the Broadway Books imprint of Random House, the largest English-language publisher in the world. The hardback edition of the book, with the title of SEIZED: Battling Pirates and Recovering Stolen Ships in the World's Most Troubled Waters, was released on April 6, 2010. Click here to read more about the book.

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