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A searing series of voyages into the violent, lawless underbelly of tramp shipping. Capt. Max Hardberger and his crew fought a non-stop battle against crooked charterers, treacherous agents, and the sea itself. They came face-to-face with bandits in Jamaica, violent stowaways in the Dominican Republic, and warring gangs in post-Duvalier Haiti. It was a world of desperation and danger, where only the captain's will and the loyalty of his crew stood between the ship and disaster.

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Reviews of Freighter Captain

"I read it five times! This book is great entertainment. You very rarely pick up a book so well written." Reviewer, Lovethebook.com

"Can't put it down. ... If you have an interest in the business, operations, camaraderie, and politics of charter shipping, then the well-written narrative of this work of autobiographical 'fiction' will not disappoint you." Reviewer, Lovethebook.com

"Vicarious living at its best! Some adventures that are best experienced vicariously. This is one of those. The title really doesn't do the book justice. While moving cargo around the Caribbean, you stumble into a world of corruption, misery, piracy, debauchery and more. Take the time to read this novel. In the end, you could easily convince yourself you were on the Erika - and glad you survived. I would have given this 5 stars, but I'll reserve that for his next book." Reviewer, Lovethebook.com

"Seamy Freighter Tale. Freighter Captain is about operating an old, poorly-maintained bulk cargo freighter between the US Gulf ports and Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Honduras. It's a 'tell it like it is' tale, with plenty of technical detail along with the adventure. The captain is top class professionally, if something of a wise-guy type. He deals expertly with the venal characters of the business, including the ship owner who is trying to spend as little as possible, and the shippers who are trying to cheat the governments at both ends of the voyage. There is a great portrait of a minor port in Haiti, just after the fall of Baby Doc. It's probably not for the squeamish. The heat and beauty of the tropics are the background for encounters with thieves, thugs, filth, whores and even a witch doctor. It's a great adventure tale, one which can be read again and again." Reviewer, Lovethebook.com

"Many books about the sea have a 'flat' feel to them - sailed here, saw that, sailed there, did that. Freighter Captain's concentration on the human element of the gritty life aboard a tramp freighter, with its supporting land based cast of greedy conniving owners, agents and wharf rats was very enjoyable. It really rang true." Reviewer, Lovethebook.com

"Having spent some time on ships in the Caribbean Sea I really enjoyed this book. Much of the material rang true to me and it had an edge of reality which was very enjoyable. I didn't always agree with the actions which were taken which made the book even more believable." Reviewer, Lovethebook.com

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