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Freighter Captain (1998)
From the M/V Erika's first arrival in Haiti on Christmas Eve, 1987, to her dangerous flight from an illegal seizure four months later, Captain Max Hardberger and Chief Officer Yussuf al Karim fought a non-stop battle against crooked charterers, treacherous agents, and the sea itself. On an old, tired freighter at the end of her life, they came face-to-face with bandits in Jamaica, violent stowaways in the Dominican Republic, and warring gangs in post-Duvalier Haiti. It was a world of desperation and danger, where only the captain's will and the loyalty of his crew stood between the ship and disaster. Click here to read an excerpt from Freighter Captain and click here to order a copy of Freighter Captain from Amazon.com

The Jumping-Off Place (1999)
A rough-and-tumble private eye in New Orleans takes on drug-dealing drug agents, lawbreaking lawyers, and a blonde with ice blue eyes. From the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the killing fields of Colombia, to a showdown on a sportfishing boat in the Florida Straits, Norville "Bunny" Gross takes on all comers as he and a missing drug smuggler's girlfriend search for a hidden stash of cash. Click here to read an excerpt from The Jumping-Off Place and click here to order a copy of The Jumping-Off Place from Amazon.com 

The Sea Bitch (2011)
A young man flees the turmoil of the Sixties in an ancient converted lifeboat that he renames the "Sea Bitch". In an ongoing struggle to survive, Lucian "Red" Porter, gets involved in a prison break in Mexico, illegal treasure hunting in Panama, and an espionage mission in Guatemala. He soon learns, as he struggles to stay alive in a boat unfit for any seas, that the only law in the Caribbean is that of survival of the fittest. Click here to read an excerpt from The Sea Bitch and click here to order a copy of The Sea Bitch from Amazon.com

Tom Cringle's Log (2011)
Tom Cringle's Log, by Michael Scott (1789-1835) is one of the most famous tales of piracy and Napoleonic-era naval warfare ever written, praised as "a most excellent sea story" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (author of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner). First published as a series of sketches in Blackwood's Magazine, Tom Cringle's Log has been published continuously for almost two hundred years. Now edited for modern readers by acclaimed maritime writer and adventurer Max Hardberger, Michael Scott's epic story continues to entertain readers into its third century. Click here to order a copy of Tom Cringle's Log from Amazon.com

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