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Max Hardberger is currently working on a new sea adventure...

Haiti Adieu

When the earthquake strikes Haiti, Capt. Max Hardberger is living in a hut on his waterfront property in Miragoane, Haiti. The next morning reveals a mysterious ship aground on his beach, and the following days draw him into a conspiracy—backed by the U.S. State Department—to restore Aristide to Haiti’s presidency by armed rebellion. Capt. Max salvages the stranded ship and agrees to command her on a dangerous voyage to Venezuela for a cargo of arms, but a series of murders onboard and the hijacking of the ship by followers of “Baby Doc” Duvalier force him to make some hard choices. Haiti Adieu pits Capt. Max’s raw intelligence and nautical knowledge against warring gangs and ruthless politicians in a fast-paced novel of intrigue and adventure.

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